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New additions to Red Star Publishers are listed here, in reverse chronological order of posting (most recent first):

In China, Capitalism Is Being Consolidated, Not Socialism, PCML Ecuador. A popular pamphlet exposing present-day China as a capitalist country. 2017.  (P) $1. Cover

En China se consolida el capitalismo, no el socialismo, PCML Ecuador. Un panfleto populaar que expone como China de hoy es un pais capitalista. 2017. (P) $1. Envoltura.

Proceedings of the Trials of Slansky, et al in Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1952. The transcript of the trial of the Czechoslovak Titoists. Among other things, they were tried for weakening the economy by developing light over heavy industry and making the country dependent on capitalist countries(see particularly the testimony of Frejka). Ironically, a few years later, the Khrushchevites carried out similar policies. Internet only.

Documents on the Mindszenty Case, 1949. Additional material on the Mindszenty case from before the trial. Internet only.

Moscow, 1937. A sympathetic but not uncritical description of the Soviet Union by the well-known German author Lion Feuchtwanger. It includes his evaluation of the second of the famous Moscow treason trials. Included in this edition is the evaluation of the book in the journal of the Communist International. $5

An End to the Neglect of the Problems of the Negro Woman!, Claudia Jones, 1949. A comradely criticism of progressives, including other Communists, by a leading Black Communist Woman. (P) $2. Cover

The Trial of Jozsef Mindszenty, Budapest, 1949. Transcript of the trial of Cardinal Mindszenty and his accomplices, found guilty of plotting to overthrow the Hungarian government. They had even made up a list of cabinet members, supporters of the Hapsburg empire, who would form a future government.  They also  recognized that such a government could only come to power through a U.S. occupation as the result of a third world war. Internet only.

Laszlo Rajk and His Accomplices before the People’s Court, Budapest. 1949. Laszlo Rajk and his accomplices were found guilty of trying to overthrow the People's Democratic government in Hungary, working for the Titoites and through them Anglo-American imperialism. This was at the time of the U.S. strategy of "rollback communism," which authorized "preventive direct action, including sabotage, anti-sabotage, demolition, and evacuation measures," as well as "subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance movements, guerrillas, and refugee liberation groups." Internet only.

Study Handbook of Marxism-Leninism Mao Tsetung Thought, by Canadian Communist League (M-L). A 320-page book of quotes on various topics of Marxism-Leninism. $6.

Histoire du Mouvement Communiste International I, 1848-1917, Petit Bibliotheque Chinoise. Jusque'a la revolution russe. 1976. Un livre de 160 pages en français. $5.

Histoire du Mouvement Communiste International II, 1848-1917, Petit Bibliotheque Chinoise. Sur leninisme et la revolution russe. 1976. Un livre de 160 pages en français. $5.

Chile and the Road to Socialism: Lessons of the Pinochet Coup of 1973, by Willi Dickhut, with an unauthorized introduction by Jim Rosenbaum, 2013. (P) $3. Cover.

This Land is Their Land: A Revolutionary Working People's History of the United States, by George Gruenthal. $5. Second, expanded edition, 2019. A 184 p. illustrated book giving a brief overview of U.S. history.

Stalin: Waiting For ... The Truth!, by Grover Furr. $25+$5 postage. This 360-page book exposes the falsehoods in Stephen Kotkin’s Stalin. Waiting for Hitler, 1929-1941. Click on title for details.

The Theory of Knowledge, Maurice Cornforth, 1955. The third volume of the above work. It is also the original edition of the book, before revisionist editorial changes. $6. Also available in Word or pdf format.

Shih Chan: A Brief History of the United States, 1972. (P) $2. Translation of a Chinese pamphlet providing a good, short (44 p.) summary of U.S. working class history. Cover

Two  articles regarding elections:
Stalin: Muddle..., 1907 and
Lenin: The Results and Significance of the U.S. Presidential Elections
, 1912. (P). $1

The Role of the Communist Party in the Proletarian Revolution. 1934. A reprint from the Communist Party of Great Britain of the Thesis of the Second Congress of the Communist International of 1920. (P). $1. Cover

Harpal Brar: Preface to Trotskyism or Leninism, 1993. (P) $3. Cover. This preface contains any quotes from Trotsky and penin showing that they held opposing views for most of the period before and after the Bolshevik revolution.

Revolutionary Democracy. October 2018. $6. This ML journal from India contains information on the revolutionary movement in India, China, Russia and other countries. Some earlier issues are available for $2.  The contents of earlier issues can be seen at: Please check with webmaster at email address above.

Karl Marx: Preface and Introduction to a Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy. (P) $3. 1859. Cover

Philip Stein : Siqueiros, His Life and works. Chapter 13:  Leon Trotsky. Siqueiros was one of the great Mexican muralists. Phil Stein was a painter and member of the Communist Party USA who studied under Siqueiros and wrote a biography of him. This chapter deals with the April 1940 attack on Trotsky (not the one in which Trotsky was killed the following August)  masterminded by Siqueiros in an attempt to force the Mexican govrnment to expel Trotsky from the country. 1994. (P) $1. Cover

The Heritage of Sen Katayama. Reprint from the Communist Party's journal Political Affairsfrom 1975. Katayama was not only a founding member of the Communist Party of Japan, but took part in the communist movements in Mexico, Canada and the U.S. (P) $1. Cover

Handbook of Philosophy, by M. Rosenthal and P. Yudin. $6, 1949. An alphabetical index of philosophical terms, with enough cross-references to get a rudimentary idea of dialectical materialist philosophy, in 172 pages.

With Stalin, by Enver Hoxha. 1981. $5. Hoxha's account of his five meetings with Stalin. Also detaills of his discussion with Greek comrades about the Civil War in that country.

Bill Bland: The Restoration  of Capitalism in the Soviet Union. 1980. $9. This 304 page book details the restoration of capitalism under Khrushchev and Brezhnev, relying mainly on Soviet sources.

Revolutionary Democracy. April 2018. $6. This ML journal from India contains information on the revolutionary movement in India, China, Russia and other countries. Some earlier issues are available for $2.  The contents of earlier issues can be seen at: Please check with webmaster at email address above.

Unity & Struggle #37. October, 2018. $5. Journal of the International Conference of M-L Parties and Organizations. Special issue on the bicentenary of Marx's birth. Some earlier issues are available for $2.  The contents of earlier issues can be seen at: Please check with webmaster at email address above.

Unidad y Lucha #37. Octubre, 2018. $5. Organo de la Conferencia Internacinal de Partidos y Organizaciones M-L. Numero especial del bicentenario del nacimiento de Marx. Algunos numeros anteriores estan disponibe por $2. Los contenidos de numeros anteriores se puede ver en: Favor de contactar el maestro del sitio por el correo electronico por arriba.

This Land is Their Land: A Revolutionary Working People's History of the United States, by George Gruenthal. $5. 2016. A short, 130 p. illustrated book giving a brief overview of U.S. history.

Fundamentals of Marxism-Leninism, by a group lead by O.V. Kuusinen. 1963. Although the beginning sections of this book have some straight-forward accounts of dialectical materialist philosophy and political economy, the sections dealing with socialism are full of Khrushchevite revisionist distortions of Marxism-Leninism. Internet only.

The Khrushchevites, by Enver Hoxha. 1980. $8. This 268 p. book contains memoirs by the Albanian Marxist-Leninist leader of the revisionist leaders of the Soviet Union and eastern European countries after Stalin's death.

On Contradiction, by Mao Tsetung. 1937. (P). $2. A 42 p. pamphlet.

On Practice, by Mao Tsetung. (P). $1. A 16 p. pamphlet.

gg Winter. Last Days of the USSR. $8. A description of the U.S.S.R. by the leader of a tour of women trade unionists during the Gorbachev era. A 192 page book with many full-color pictures.

J. Lenz, The Second International, 1932. Internet only. A fascinating history of the Second International, by one of the leaders of Communist Party of Germany. Although the tactics of the Communist International were to change a few years later, this book is a detailed exposure of both the open social patriots as well as the centrists in the Second International, as well as an explanation of the role of Lenin anad other revolutionary leaders.

A. Zhdanov: The International Situation, 1947. (P) $1. Cover

Lenin: Las tareas del proletariado en la presente revolución ("Tesis de Abril"), 1917. (P) $1. Cubierta

Lenin: La revolución socialista y el derecho de las naciones a la autodeterminación, 1916. (P) $1. Cubierta

The Soviet Power: The Soviet Sixth of the World, Hewlett Johnson, 1940. $10. A sympathetic account by Hewlett Johnson, Dean of Canterbury, of the building of socialism in the Soviet Union. Johnson sees socialism as the actual fulfillment of the principles of true Christianity.

We Saw for Ourselves. Report of the Nineteen Americans on Their Visit to the USSR. 1951. $5. A description of the Soviet Union by 19 Americans, 9 black and 10 white, including 3 ministers.

The USSR and Finland, Historical, Economic, Political Facts and Documents. 1939. (P) $1. Cover A background to the Soviet Finnish war. Internet only.

Lenin, El imperialismo, fase superior del capitalismo, 1916. $5. En español.

Lenin, El estado y la revolución, 1917. $5. En español.

Lenin, La revolución proletaria y el renegado Kautsky, 1918. $5. En español.

Lenin, La enfermedad infantil del “izquierdismo” en el comunismo, 1920. $5. En español.

Lenin, Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism, 1916. $5

Constitution of the U.S.S.R. 1936. The so-called Stalin Constitution. (P) $1. Cover

Lenin: The Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky, 1918. $5.

Vitaly Startsev: How the Soviets Were Formed. 1982. $5. A short book detailing the role of the Soviets from the 1905 revolution to October 1917. It emphasizes Lenin's statement that the Soviets were formed by the workers themselves.

Michael Sayers and Albert Kahn, The Great Conspiracy against Russia. 1946. $11. This classic book explains the imperialist and Trotskyite conspiracy again the Soviet Union.

Gerhard Eisler, Albert Norden, Albert Schreiner: The Lesson of Germany, 1945. $6. An important book dealing with the rise and fall of fascism in Germany.

Wreckers on Trial. The trial of the Industrial Party, Moscow, December-Novemberm 1930. This was a group of engineers and others who plotted sabotage against Soviet industry. They confessed but received death sentences, which were commuted to prison terms. Several later loyally served Soviet development. With a forward by Andrew Rothstein. Internet only.

Ekaterina Blinova: Unveiling Lies of the Cold War; What Lay Beneath Anti-Soviet Myths. 2015. $4. This 66 page booklet consists  of articles originally published in (except for one publlished in,.

Black and Red: The Role of Communists in the Black Liberation Movement. 2015. $2. Cover. A 31-page reprint of short articles from African-American Communists.

Rosa Luxemburg's Views on the Russian Revolution, by Clara Zetkin:,1922, $10. This 225 page book has ben translated into English for the first time. It shows how Luxemburg, in her actions in the German Revolution after her release from prison in November 1918 until her murder by soldiers in the pay of the Social-Democratic government in Germany in January 1919, in practice took the same positions as the Bolsheviks in the Otober Revolution. It is an important exposure of the Social-Democrats in Germany and around the world, who try to assert that Luxemburg was one of them.

Soviets in Central Asia, by W.P. & Zelda K. Coates, 1951. This 300 page book documents the history of Central Asia from Tsarist times to the political, economic and cultural developmentunder Soviet power. A valuable resource showing how the people in these republics improved their lives under socialim. Internet only.

A People Reborn, the Story of North Ossetia, edited by Andrew Rothstein, 1954. A report by a British delegation on a visit to the Autonomous Republic in the NorthCaucasus. Internet only

Felix Dzherzinsky: A Biography, Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1988. Internet only

Emile Burns (ed.) Handbook of Marxism, 1935. $12. This 800-page book contains large sections (not just quotes) from major works of Marxism-Leninism, including the Communist Manifesto, Capital (Vol. 1), Anti-Dühring, Materialism and Empirio-Criticism, Imperialism, State and Revolution, "Left-Wing"Communism, Report to the 17th Congress of the CPSU(b) 1934, and the Program of theCommunist International 1928. A useful work for those who want much of the basics of Marxism-Leninism in one volume.

Engels: Anti-Dühring, 1894. $6

Stalin: Dialectical and Historical Materialism, 1939. $2. Cover

Lenin: “Left-Wing” Communism, An Infantile Disorder, 1920, $5.

On Guard against Browderism, Titoism, Trotskyism, John Gates, 1951. (P) $1. Cover

What is Marxism?, by Emile Burns, 1939. $4. A very good summary of the basics of Marxism-Leninism in 74 pages. Good for beginners.

Historical Materialism, Maurice Cornforth, 1954. The second volume of the above work. It is also the original edition of the book, before revisionist editorial changes. $6. Also available in Word or pdf format.

Readers' Guide to the Marxist Classics, 1952, prepared and edited by Maurice Cornforth. Internet only.

Materialism and the Dialectical Method, Maurice Cornforth, 1953. A very readable explanation of Dialectical Materialism in 122 pages. This is the original edition of the book, before revisionist editorial changes. $5. Also available in dowloadable Word or pdf format.

Rumanian Summer, Jack Lindsay with Maurice Cornforth. 1953. This 170 page book, with pictures, gives a portrait of the Rumaniann People's Democracy before the advent of revisionism. $5.

On the Road to Bolshevization, 1929. (P) $1.Cover

Philip Farr, Soviet Russia and the Baltic Republics, 1944. (P) $1. Cover

Andrew Rothstein: Man and Plan in Soviet Economy, 1948. A detailed account of Soviet planning. Internet only.

Anna Louise Strong: Spain in Arms, 1937. $4.

Mike Gold: Why I am a Communist, 1932. (P) $1.

Lenin: The Tasks of the Proletariat in the Present Revolution ("April Theses"), 1917.  (P) $1. Cover

V. Adoratsky: Dialectical Materialism, 1934. Internet only.

From Harry Haywood: Black Bolshevik, Chapters on the Afro-American National Question, 1978
Chapter 4: An Organization of Revolutionaries. (P) $1.Cover 4
Chapter 12: Return Home: White Chauvinism Under Fire. (P) $1. Cover 12

Lenin: The Socialist Revolution and the Right of Nations to Self-Determination, 1916. (P) $1. Cover

Organisation and Structure of the Communist Party, Communist International, 3rd Congress, 1921. (P) $1. Cover

Fifteen Years of Soviet Georgia, by Lavrenti Beria, 1936. (P) $1. Cover

Joseph Weydemeyer, Pioneer of American Socialism, by Karl Obermann, 1947. Internet only

A. A. Heller: One Sixth of the World. 1937. (P) $1. Cover

George Orwell: Anti-Communist Propagandist, Champion of Trotskyism & State Informer, reprinted from the Stalin Society, Britain, 1998. (P) $1. Cover

Soviet Policy and Its Critics, by J.R. Campbell. 1939. $6. This 329 page book by a leading member of the Communist Party of Britain is mainly an exposure of Trotskyism, both in its anti-Leninist theory and its counter-revolutionary practice.

Marxism and the National Question, J.V. Stalin, 1913. $4.

The Negro National Colonial Question, Nelson Peery, 1972. $5. This 200 page book contains a forthright defense of the Marxist analysis that there is an African-American nation in the Black Belt south with the right to self-determination. It contains many maps and statistics to back up this position.

Lenin on the Woman Question. Clara Zetkin. (P) $2. Cover

Speeches on the American Communist Party, J.V. Stalin, 1929. (P) $2. Cover

Wages, Price and Profit, by K. Marx. $5.

What Is To Be Done, by V.I. Lenin. $5. The famous book in which Lenin explained the teachings on the foundation of the party in Russia in opposition to economism.

The State and Revolution, by V.I. Lenin. $5.

Political Economy: A Beginner's Course, by A. Leontiev, 1935. Price $5. This 232 page book is an excellent introdiction to reading Marx's Capital. Besides covering some of the main topics in the first volume of Capital, it explains Lenin's analysis of imperialism and the question of crises, including data related to the crisis of the 1930s (the Great Depression).

Days With Lenin, Maxim Gorki, 1932. This 44 page pamphlet describes Gorky's meetings with Lenin and others over the years. (P) $2. Cover

Engels on Science, J.D. Bernal, 1935. A 20 page pamphlet summarizing Engels application of dialectics to science. (P) $1. Cover

Communism and the Family, Alexandra Kollontai. 1918. A 15 page pamphlet on how the family will change under communism. (P) $1. Cover

Wrecking Activities at Power Stations in the Soviet Union, Vol. I. 1933. First of 3 volumes of the transcript of the so-called Metro-Vickers trial, of British subjects and their Soviet accomplices, found guilty of wrecking and espionage activities. For a fascinating discussion from relatively objective bourgeois sources that the British subjects, when they were released and returned to Britain, stated clearly that they were not subject to any form of torture or undue pressure, see: Internet only

Wrecking Activities at Power Stations in the Soviet Union, Vol. 2. 1933. Second of 3 volumes of above transcript. Internet only

Wrecking Activities at Power Stations in the Soviet Union, Vol. 3. 1933. Last of 3 volumes of above transcript. Internet only

[Greek] National Liberation Front (E.A.M.) White Book
, Greek American Council, August 1945. Documents that show how British forces bombed Athens, which had been liberated by the E.A.M, at the end of World War II. 131 pages, $4. 

Blood Lies: The Evidence that Every Accusation against Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union in Timothy Snyder's Bloodlands Is False, by Grover Furr, 2014, 581 pages, $25.

¿Que Hacer? V.I. Lenin, en español. El famoso libro de Lenin que explico las enseñanzas sobre la fundacion del partido en Rusia y la lucha en contra del economismo. $5.

Readings in Leninism. This is a 4-volume set, first published in the U.S. in the 1930s, with extended quotes from the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin on major questions of Marxist-Leninist theory. $5 each volume: 1) What Is Leninism?, 2) The Theory of the Proletarian Revolution, 3) The Dictatorship of the Proletariat, 4) Strategy and Tactics.

The Road to  Life (An Epic of Education), A.S. Makarenko. This 3-volume set is an autobiographical novel describing the formation of the Gorky Colony in the Soviet Union in the 1920s, which Makarenko headed. After the Civil War, homeless youth roamed the country. The colony sucessfully integrated them into the new socialist life through collective labor and self-discipline. $5 each volume.

Marxist Glossary, L. Harry Gould, 1948. An 82 page book containing definitions and explanations of common Marxist terms, many including brief quotes from Marx, Engels, Len and Stalin further elucidating how these terms have been used. $4.

Steel and Slag, Vladimir Popov, 1951. This is a 284 page socialist realist novel that takes place in a steel mill in the Ukraine that had to relocate to the Urals during World War II. It deals with the transformation of people under adversity, some becoming hardened as steel, some degenerating into slag. $6.

History of the Three Internationals, William Z. Foster, 1955. This 458 page book contains Foster's detailed description of the work of the First, Second and Third Internationals. $8.

Soviet Union, Land without Unemployment: In Pictures. 1931. This 200 page book contains hundreds of pictures on all facets of Soviet life, with captions in English, en español and en français. The foreword and 15 page epilogue on the Five-Year Plan by Alfred Kurella are only in English. $5.

The Soviets Expected It, Anna Louise Strong, 1941. $5. This 178 page book deals not only with the beginning of the German war on the Soviet Union, but also the background to the war and the development of Soviet industry.

Volantes y artículos tempranos, V.I. Lenin, en español. (P) $2. Cubierto
          A los obreros y obreras de la fábrica Thornton, volante, 1895
          La guerra con China, artículo, periódico Iskra, 1900
          El alistamiento forzoso de 183 estudiantes, artículo, periódico Iskra, 1901
          Golpea duro, pero no mates, artículo, revista Zarya, 1901

Early Writings, V.I. Lenin. (P) $2. Cover
To the Working Men and Women of the Thornton Factory, Leaflet, 1895
The War in China, Article, Iskra newspaper, 1900
The Drafting of 183 Students Into the Army, Article, Iskra newspaper, 1901
Beat – But Not to Death!, Article, Zarya magazine, 1901

Labor’s Own William Z. Foster, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, 1949. (P) $2. Cover

Women, Marriage & Sex, Clara Zetkin, 1925. From Reminiscences of Lenin. (P) $1. Cover

From Black Bolshevik, Harry Haywood, Chapters on the Soviet Union, 1978
Chapter 5: A Student in Moscow, (P) $1. Cover 5
Chapter 6: Trotsky's Day in Court, (P) $1. Cover 6
Chapter 7: The Lenin School, (P) $1. Cover 7
Chapter 8: Self-Determination: The Fight for a Correct Line, (P) $1. Cover 8
Chapter 9:  Sixth Congress of the Comintern:  A Blow Against the Right, (P) $1. Cover 9
Chapter 10: Lovestone Unmasked, (P) $1. Cover 10
Chapter 11: My Last Year in the Soviet Union, (P) $1. Cover 11
Chapter 14: Reunion in Moscow, (P) $1. Cover 14

Stalin, Pablo Miranda, 2012. (P) $1. Cover

Stalin, Pablo Miranda, 2012, en español. (P) $1. Cubierto

Lies Concerning the History of the Soviet Union, Mario Sousa. (P) $2. Cover

A History of the U.S.S.R., Andrew Rothstein, 1950. $8. A 400-page history by a leading member of the then-revolutionary Communist Party of Britain. This gives many details of the economic and political history of the Soviet Union not included in the History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

The United Front, Georgi Dimitrov, 1935-1937. $7. Besides the famous speeches at the 7th Congress of the Communist International, this edition includes 18 other speeches and articles dealing with the application of the united front in various countries over the following two year.

Joseph E. Davies: Excerpts from Mission to Moscow concerning the Moscow Trials, 1943. (P) $2. Cover

Diez días que estremecieron al mundo, John Reed, 1919, en español. El famoso libre sobre la revolución rusa. 336 pág. $8.

This Monstrous War, Wilfred Burchett. 1953. This 288 page book presents the Korean War and the armistice negotiations from the side of the Korean People's Army and the Chinese People's Volunteers. When this book was sent to the United States in late 1953, it was seized by the U.S. Customs and dumped into the ocean, so this is the first time it is available in the U.S.288 p. $6.

Koje Unscreened, Wilfred G. Burchett, 1953?. On the treatment of Korean and Chinese prisoners in the notorious U.S.-run prison camp during the Korean War. Internet only

Light on Korea, D.N. Pritt, 1950. (P) $1. Cover

A History of the U.S.S.R., Andrew Rothstein, 1950. A 400-page history by a leading member of the then-revolutionary Communist Party of Britain. Internet only

Stalin: Story of a Great Servant of Mankind Who Belongs to the Ages, Andrew Rothstein, 1953. (P) $1. Cover

The Crime of el Fanguito, William Z. Foster, 1948. On a notorious slum in Puerto Rico. (P) $1. Cover

Three Articles from the Communist Party in the 1930s on the Afro-American National Question. (P) $1. Cover

The Constituent Assembly Elections and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, V.I. Lenin, 1919. (P) $1. Cover

Why Soviet Russia Should Be Recognized, Friends of the Soviet Union, 1933. (P) $1. Cover

The U.S. State is a Machine Oppressing the Working Class, Jim Rosenbaum & Al Johnson, 1991. (P) $1. Cover

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